Nepal Govt. Reged. No: 39829/2005

Tourism License No.:805/2005

VAT / TAX Nr: 302385791

Himalayas of Nepal is a paradise of Earth. It is a wonder in the Himalayas and offers many adventures trekking activities to Nepal visitors. The Shangri-La - roof of the world, living cultural Museum, birth place of the Lord Buddha and the country of living Goddess makes an astonishing diversity of adventures trekking opportunities found those good combination nowhere else on earth.

The adventures trekking tour in Nepal arrange on the far remote places with off the beaten Path area, hidden valley of the Himalaya, through the several High Himalayan passes, Himalaya alpine area, Glacial Lakes, moraine, entrusted viewpoints provide for adventures seekers. Nepal offers the world the breathtaking diversity and such attractions and adventure opportunities. The adventure trekking takes you those places known as a spreading Hinduism and Buddhism cultural in the remote area, holy religious site, historical as well as cultural enrich places, temple, Buddhist monastery, Chorten, ancient fort, Durbar square, countless fast and festival, and too many mystical waterfalls, snow covered Mountains, world deepest gorges, numerous beautiful natures, rarely wildlife and vegetation which support to fulfill your entire imagination visiting Nepal. For the reference, please visit the below trek areas and let us know your thoughts.