Nepal Govt. Reged. No: 39829/2005

Tourism License No.:805/2005

VAT / TAX Nr: 302385791

Restricted area trekking in Nepal

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Controlled / restricted area trekking trekking tour highlights

  • Non touristy areas but equally very beautiful in terms of Natural and cultural diversity
  • Discover the unique culture and lifestyle of the remote areas.
  • Excellent Himalayan views, Picturesque villages, turbulent river gorges and ancient Monasteries.
  • Walking through cultivated fields, Natural hot spring and nice waterfalls along the trek routes

Restricted area trekking is different in many features from ordinary ones. Many treks that may be suggested on a map are in restricted areas, you either cannot get a permit. For those trekking areas groups must consist of a minimum of 2 clients and the required fully arranged through registered trekking agency like us. During the trekking, you must have a fully equipped with tent, all Support staffs, cooks, etc. however some of the areas are well developed by building the guest houses, so you can do as a guest house basis trekking tours. May be you curios why these areas exist as restricted ? It is because of to protect the natural environment, particularly the Nepal Nature Conservation Society, are pressuring the government to keep some places closed for ecological reasons to avoid both cultural and environmental degradation from outside influences.
Gokyo Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd arranges all legal procedure to obtain the trekking permits. To trek into those restricted areas of Nepal, you should be minimum 2 people however trekking in those restricted areas are banned for individual trekkers.

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