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World heritage sites tour

World Heritage Sites Tour in Nepal offer you to explore all the UNESCO listed eight cultural heritage sites of Kathmandu including Lord Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini. UNESCO World heritage sites tour is very important for the new generation.

Three sister cities in Kathmandu valley includes three different sister cities of its royal palaces, Temples, and Stupa and all these cities have the UNESCO world heritage sites. Nepal is the Top country in the world where each and every traveler can visit its top 10 world heritages sites minimum within a week time-bound. In a summary, Nepal has mainly three different types of World heritage sites tour and they are very popular in the sense of Art and Architecture, culture, and religion and the last one is the natural heritage site.

A. Art and architecture World heritage sites tour in Nepal

Kathmandu is the center and the capital city of Nepal is rich in art and architectural Temples and Monuments. Three main cities of Kathmandu valley and in each city there are ancient palaces build by the Royal Family. These royal palaces are rich in art and architecture which were developed roughly about 12th to 18th century in between. Kathmandu valley is the right place for everyone to research study about ancient Art and Architecture. So UNESCO kept them in the list of world heritage sites.

B. Natural World heritage sites tour in Nepal

Nepal has two Natural heritage sites which are Sagarmatha and Chitwan National park. Chitwan is full of dense forest and house of the more than 460 species of birds, one-horned Rhinos, royal Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, Gharial Crocodile, and sloth bear. Chitwan National park is very rich in terms of flora and fauna. Chitwan jungle is mainly famous for a wildlife safari tour. Likewise, Sagarmatha national park is another natural heritage site located north side which is the Home of the world’s highest Mount Everest as well as hundreds of other famous Mountains. This is one of the best Trek routes of Nepal because each year thousands of travelers visit Mount Everest base camp trek.

C. Cultural and religious World heritage sites tour in Nepal

Kathmandu is the center point of temples, Stupas, and monasteries. According to the Hindu and Buddhist legend, in ancient times much religious sage, religious masters, gods, and goddesses came to Kathmandu valley and did great mediation. Thus Kathmandu valley is the spiritual city. The art and architecture used in temples and stupas give meaning or value of culture and religion, so UNESCO listed Kathmandu of its world heritage sites. In Nepal, there are five very important monuments listed in the world heritage sites. Pashupatinath Temple (The most Hindu’s place) and Changunarayan (Place of Vishnu Narayan) Temple are very important in Hindu temple, Lumbini is the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, Swyambhunath stupa, and Boudhanath stupa are the biggest stupa in South Asia. They are not only important in terms of religious matter but also important in the great value of art and architecture.

Why people choose World heritage sites tour in Nepal?

Nepal is the richest country in terms of cultural activities that are blessed by God. Culture is a way of life in society. According to these statements, it holds particularly true in every aspect of life, cuisine, clothing and even occupations are culturally guided. Nepalese culture includes the codes of manners, language, dress, rituals, norms of behavior and systems of acceptance.

World heritage sites tour in Nepal highlights

Discover the culture and history of Kathmandu city and its World Heritage sites, visit Hindu Pilgrimage sites Pashupati Nath the holiest temple of Nepal and the Buddhist pilgrimage sites of Boudhanath Stupa and Swayambhunath Stupa and more.

World Heritage Sites Tour in Nepal covers

Kathmandu Pilgrimage sites, world heritage monuments, Chitwan Sauraha for jungle safari tour and combine with soft adventure trekking around beautiful Pokhara.

Best season to explore World Heritage sites Tour in Nepal

All season or all months are the best time to visit.

World heritage sites tour notes for Nepal visitor:

Above written World Heritage sites Tour itinerary is subject to change due to conditions beyond our control. This is a Guideline showing tentative overnight night stops. The physical, technical and natural condition may change this above itineraries.

“What makes World heritage sites tour special?”

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