Nepal Govt. Reged. No: 39829/2005

Tourism License No.:805/2005

VAT / TAX Nr: 302385791

Gokyo Treks & Expedition promises you a rewarding trip with an experience that we sincerely observe Responsible Tourism practices, and our policies are guided by the principles for Economic Responsibility, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Responsibility. We endeavor to be the role models for those around us and hope that our principles can contribute to awareness and change. We have launched a number of eco-projects in the last few years in co-operation with the Kathmandu Environmental projects.
The sad truth is that most trekking companies are reluctant to contribute when it comes to be environmentally sensitive. The result, the whole Himalayan environment has been endangered, and as a consequence environmental ecosystem of the world has suffered. We design our itineraries and operate on the field guided by the principles of ecotourism and sustainable tourism. All our staffs have all been given environmental training and are all very sensitive to the delicate eco-systems we enter. "Take pictures, leave only foot prints" is our motto for preserving the environment. So join us today, let us plan your holiday down to the smallest details. We would take immense pleasure to be of service to you.
Minimal Impact

We firmly believe that nature is the biggest asset. We never undertake any activity that goes against nature. Our team is well-trained and aware of possible impact to environment due to the unregulated tourism adventures. So we discharge our duties very seriously towards preservation of nature as well. Especially for tented camping trek, we always use kerosene to cook with, and our rubbish is well disposed, or carry out all with us. This leaves minimal impact of our activities to nature, and helps it to exist in its natural splendor.

Contribution to the local communities:

Gokyo Treks & Expedition invests its certain portion of profit for charitable cause. We sponsor school kids, poor and needy people from remote areas. We have been contributing children who are in need for their education. Besides we also run community base environmental projects. We have also put our effort into road construction, drinking water supply, and community health service in some remote and underprivileged area. Sometimes we also launch awareness programs against environmental degradation due to unhealthy practices, social problems, superstitions, old beliefs still prevailing in our society that have been proved to be barriers to social development. We have noticed tremendous changes in people due to such campaigns and interaction programs. Recently we have set up Community Development foundation which is eyeing to expand its charitable programs to most of the disadvantaged and underdeveloped remote areas of Nepal.
Care for porters, guides, sherpas, cook & staffs :

We believe in team so for taking responsibility and caring all staffs (Guide, porters, all kitchen crew, cook, leaders), we ensure good pay, life insurance, helicopter evacuation if required, as well as the equipment and clothing needed for porters and each member of staff. Gokyo Treks and Expedition has fulfilled all the standard which is set up by International Porter Protection Group (IPPG) for the welfare and safety of all porters and is committed to improving their livelihoods. They are our kith and kin as well as the backbone of our tourism industry in Nepal. No wonder all of the staff including porters want to work for us over and over again. We have set some noticeable guidelines, which we are applying in our trips as a Porter Protection Policy.

- Fair weight around 25 kilogram only (2 guest is : 1 porters basis and to carry 12.5 kg each trekkers)
- Fair and better salary.
- Same standard of medical care for Porters / trek staff / trek members
- Arrangement of Food and Accommodation
- Accidental / medical insurance
- No porter is asked to return from the middle of trek

- If any porter gets sick and required to send him back them we never send him alone but with someone who speaks same language and understands the problem. Sufficient financial support will be provided to sick porter and helper to cover the cost of their return and treatment.
- We provide required trekking gears for all the porter like Gortex wind & water proof jacket and trousers, fleece jacket, mattress & blanket / sleeping bag, woolen warm hat, woolen gloves, woolen socks, trekking shoes / boots, sunglasses etc