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Student holiday in Nepal

students holidys

Students holiday tour in Nepal highlights

  • Experience rural life and thier cultural heritages in Nepal
  • Discover the tallest mountains of Earth, experience the flight to Mount Everest and more..
  • Enjoy a mixture of history and culture of Kathmandu and its surrounding areas
  • Discover the Hindu's and as well as Buddhist cultures, pilgrimage sites and more…
  • Explore the richness and ingenuity of Newari / nepali cuisine.

Nepal is best destination for Students to explore about the history, culture, tradition, religion, lifestyle of Nepali, colorful festival and events and as well as golden opportunity to discover nature, Himalayas, unspoiled traditional villages and ever green hill station. Nepal is naturally geographical diversity and various types of ethnical group, blended cultures, religions and costumes. Also it has many old historical world heritage sites, temples, museum, durbar squares, monasteries, stupas and shrines related with different community. Nepal has plenty of natural resources, mines, agricultural farming, infrastructures, factories and industries. So it has geographically and socially much optional opportunity to gain knowledge and research in different subjects in educational field.

Concerning all these various subject matters, we creatively designed an educational tour for foreign student as we innovatively created this educational tour curriculum for the sake of the students of various countries. We formed this tour program by the help of skilled and experience teachers and guides for students to learn about new cultures, religion, community, history and geography. We have designed this program having an intention for creating a unique opportunity to change the life perceptions of western students. In Nepal there are many places for educational tour which helps the student to reach their aim. Not only that, but and educational tour in Nepal is full of fun and excitement and will help them to live with the right direction.

We have different combination of activities to suit your needs. We can easily organize the educational related program for small or large groups with affordable price which can suit your offers and budget. Actually Nepal is famous for tourist industries and foreign student can learn much tourism related subject matter too. So we involve you in all tourist related field too. In every itinerary, there will be combination program of education and tourist activities. If the given holiday itinerary couldn’t meet your needs, we can design a tailor-made itinerary to suit your needs. Please let us know whether you would like to make it shorter or longer. We are devoted to make your peak climbing holidays in Nepal worth remembering forever. We welcome you at Kathmandu for your awesome holidays.

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