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winter holiday in Nepal

winter holidys in nepal

winter holiday tour in Nepal highlights

  • Experience rural life and thier cultural heritages in Nepal
  • Discover the tallest mountains of Earth, experience the flight to Mount Everest and more..
  • Enjoy a mixture of history and culture of Kathmandu and its surrounding areas
  • Discover the Hindu's and as well as Buddhist cultures, pilgrimage sites and more…
  • Explore the richness and ingenuity of Newari / nepali cuisine.

Nepal is known as a meeting point of Hinduism & Buddhism offering non-stop festivals throughout the year. The Himalayan country Nepal is also known as paradise of Earth, Shangri-La - the roof of the world, living cultural Museum, birth place of the Lord Buddha and is the country of living Goddess. Nepal offers an astonishing diversity of sightseeing attractions and adventure opportunities found nowhere else on earth.  That’s the reason; you might utilize your winter holiday and take benefit for your lifetime experience.  In winter season, climate and weather is comparatively not very good comparing with autumn and spring. Even during the day time, weather is fine and get warm, so it makes traveler active and happy to get their destination.

During the winter time, the low land of Nepal are also pretty cold and weather is foggy in the morning but in the day time it is usual as other season, specially the middle hill offers perfect weather. Students from College and university would have a bit longer vacations and holiday in winter season. So, they have a free and leisure time but they might not have an idea where and how to make enjoyable their Winter Holidays - Vacation. But Nepal is such that place where all traveler and visitors can make meaningful and enjoyable their days here. During winter season, we designed special holidays for you including city tour, day hiking, short trekking and Mountain flight. You can enjoy with snow capped breathtaking panoramic long range mountains views of Himalayas by mountain flight, so mostly college and university students would have their choice for vacation and are always tried to find a budget travel. And there would be low season airfare, off season hotel and transportation rate and other many causes; traveler can have quality services and facilities with low cost. So all things would be affordable for any kinds of traveler whether they would be luxurious or budgetary during Winter Season.

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